About Us

Enosi Textile has nearly 25 years of experience in jacquard weaving and upholstery fabrics. Based on the experience of jacquard and fabric in 2016, he took his first steps in church fabrics. Since 2016, we have brought unique designs to the world. We designed many new models with our customers and designed a wide range of quality fabrics and dresses.

Today, it has a very successful place in the field of church textiles exporting to the world. He does all the work required for the world in orthodox and Catholic church fabrics. The accessory also has gallon buttons and embroidery parts. Since the beginning of 2019, the website has entered service and has begun to offer its products to the whole world. We produce fabric for Orthodox and Catholics in Turkey, we are sending to the whole world.

We see our customers as our friends. And we have achieved great success with all our friends. We invite you to be our friends.