How To Order

How to order:

1. Call whatsapp and viber from our shared phone numbers and report your order directly to our representative

2. You can also write as a message.

3. You can leave your contact and phone information with the online whatsap link button on our page. As soon as possible, our authorized representatives will provide a return for you.

4. You can email us your order and what you want to ask by e-mail transmission section

5. You can ask about our products or any questions you are interested in using Whatsapp, Viber or Telegram. Our authorized peroneli will contact you as soon as possible.

6. You can also have contact with our customer representatives from our social media networks. Check and connect with our social media links below.

You will receive feedback from our representative in the form of a call or letter with any order, request, suggestions and methods specified for your questions. You can discuss the availability, specifications and payment and delivery method of the product of your choice in detail with our representatives.
We guarantee you - A wide selection, individual approach, fast delivery.

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