Where and how can I find the full catalog of your products (fabrics)?

On the home page of the site in the "Photo Gallery" section. When you point to the fabric that interests you, you need to click the mouse - the photo opens in a larger size with a more detailed description and the fabric parameters (report, number of drawings) at the bottom of the photo.

In the "Product Examples" section, priests, clergy, tablecloths, etc. are made by different craftsmen and workshops.

If you are not familiar with our products, if you have membership of any logistics company you have worked with us, give us this membership number (such as ups,fedex,tnt.or dhl...). We can send you tissue samples, stitch parts then the remaining small parts, etc.

What is the texture density and composition?

In general, they are fabrics made with soft textured special polyester yarns with high density capacity. In general, our brocade sands have a width of 180 cm.

What is minimum retail order, wholesale, big wholesale?

All fabrics are made up of ready-made packages of minimum 25 meters in retail. In your meetings with our customer representatives, they will inform you about the contents of the 25-meter packages that are ready for you in the warehouse. You can buy the 25-meter packages ready in the warehouse immediately. WHOLESALE: You can place your orders in the amount you want during the meeting with your customer representative.

How is fabric purchased and delivered to the customer?

We create an order via phone vibera or email. by mail, we discuss in detail the weaving name, color, quantity and cost, you check and confirm, and after acceptance, we will send the fabric of your choice, packed in plastic and polypropylene bags, to the appropriate shipping company to the buyer, after sending you the baggage declaration number and the date of arrival at the place indicated by the order. The delivery cost depends on the weight of the package, its dimensions and the distance to the destination. Your representative will forward all the information to you.

How to pay for the goods?

Payment is made in cash on delivery, by bank transfer or upon receipt of the parcel at the trucking company, by payment methods provided with your customer representative or by cash deposit to our information in another bank.

What do the colors of the clergy's clothes symbolize, what church holidays do they wear?

Gold in all shades (yellow) - Royal color

Prophets, envoys, saints, equal ambassadors, other ministers of the church, noble kings and princes, and Lazarev saturday (sometimes serving as white) are golden dresses on Sundays and most days of the year Used. both memories

White - Divine Light

The Birth of Christ Jesus, the Birth of Jesus, Meetings, Metamorphism and Ascension Saturday, Lazarus Saturday (sometimes serving in yellow), at the beginning of the Easter service as well as the spiritual forces.

White dresses are used for the execution of baptisms, weddings and funeral services and a new priest's clothing.

Blue - Highest Purity and Purity

The mother of God's holiday (Announcement, Emir, Assumption, Holy Virgin Mary Christmas, Veil, Introduction, The Days of commemoration of god's mother symbols). Metropolitans covers are blue. There may be shadows up to blue

Purple or dark red.

- The suffering of Christ during the Crusades of the Holy Cross (Holy Week on Great Loan, Origin of honest trees, Holy Cross, Glorification)

The diocese and archbishop have purple color as well as award-winning skufi and mantels


At Easter - the joy of the Resurrection of Christ, on the days of martyrs - martyr

The color of Easter, the feasts of the martyrs and the birthdays of the Easter service begin with white clothes symbolizing the light shining from the tomb of Jesus Christ in its resurrection.


- The color of life-giving and eternal life Saints, hermits, holy fools, the Lord's entry into Jerusalem, the Holy Trinity Day Holidays and remembrance days The Patriarch's mantle has a green color

Dark blue, purple, dark green, dark red, black

- The color of fasting and regret

Big Loan

Black is used mainly on Lent, on Sundays and holidays, where the use of clothes with gold or colored ornaments is allowed.

dark red, burgundy, dark red

- The blood of Jesus given to them by the apostles in the cup at the Last Supper on Thursday, before he was crucified

Maundy Thursday

The color dark red is used so that Holy Week does not resemble Easter.